Specializes in manufacturing and trading of specialized vehicles: tankers carrying gasoline, chemicals, asphalt, rubber, truck cranes, forklifts, water-spraying vehicles, …

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Types Of Tank Vehicles

Petrol, Oi, Fuel Tanker Trailer

Tractors Hino, Hyundai, Isuzu, Maxxforce

Transporting water, chemicals, gasoline

Carrying food, carrying milk, carrying food

Durable frame, imported from Japan.. Meet a variety of types of crates according to customer requirements.
Rear suspension system with large size, durable quality over time.

Model number: ISUZU FVM

The interior is designed to increase convenience and performance thanks to the large central control cluster.

20m3 - Aluminum alloy

Transporting capacity: 24.000 kg

Total load: 14.800 kg

Tank size: 6840/6540 x 2460 x 1560 mm

Specialized Tank Trucks in VN.
Isuzu FVM 240 is one of the most commonly used trucks from the Japanese brand. This 8-cubic-liter tanker tank truck is based on Isuzu FVM 240 truck platform.


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